hi hello! this is my very first psd, so sorry if its bad tho,but it works on every teen wolf scene i guess lol. feel free to adjust some layers, please don’t steal or anything and um like if you downloading, thank you and enjoy :)

(Source: peterparquill)

PSD 72 BY THOSECOLORS. Hey, so feel free to adjust the layers if you need, don’t repost or claim it as yours. Please, like or reblog if you download. Thanks babe, enjoy! (download)

PSD 082 BY PRETTYRESOURCES. Adjust layers if needed. Don’t distribute or claim as your own. Like/Reblog if saving. Likes/Reblogs inspire us too make more. Request psds here and find more psds here. Thank you and enjoy! [MF]

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First pack of textures. This pack contains 22 textures, free to use if you credit this tumblr. Download here


PSD efect made by sourcepsd. Feel free to adjust the layers. Respect my work and like or reblog if download. More in /tagged/psds requests (ask). Enjoy! → {dl}


Hi guys, this is the psd #165 made by holepsds. It’s totally free and made for you, the only thing i ask is your like in respect of my work. You can adjust all the layers if you need. Download here.

— we’ve another colors than red remember this when you making your psds.

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Pspretty // psd seventy four [ download ]. You can ajust some layers if you need. I really hope you like or reblog in the post if you download, likes inspire me.Please, don’t redistribute or claim as your own, this is so very annoying to do. Click here if you want see more resources and if tou want make some request click  here. I hope you enjoy.


Psd pack COLORPORN TEEN WOLF by colorizepsd.

  • Contains 6 psds, feel free to adjust or delete some layers, but respect my work and Don’t redistribute or claim as your own, And like or reblog this post. Here you can find more psds, and here you can request a psd. Thank you and ENJOY!! (dl)